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“Hey Girls and guys! We wanted to share with you something we are passionate about!

#JoinTheRevolution is an awareness campaign aimed at promoting positive Body Image.

We all know what its like to have a day, or many, where you hate what you see in the mirror. Each day we are exposed to a perception of beauty stereotyped to a size or expectation.
In reality, we are ALL created differently.
And I think that’s pretty damn cool!

None of us need to conform or fit into an image ‘criteria’ set by people trying to sell insecurity and the fictitious image of what’s ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ to people around the world.
Embrace your unique qualities, and appreciate them in those around you.

It is a BEAUTIFUL thing to be different from one another!
We hold our power in our own unique physical blueprint, in our battle scars, our stories, struggles, triumphs.
We are carrying generations of genes, and history in each of our bodies. Let your body tell its story!

Focus on health, meditate, get out into nature and get physical, eat in ways that respect your body, not abuse it, question everything, submerge yourself in all forms of art, feed your mind with books, culture, love, music, learn to cook, travel, and always remember to love yourself first.

YOU are a limitless being that should never reduce itself to limited physical criteria.
Never compare yourself to someone else. You are different people, you hold different karma.
So be you, and love you for all the right reasons, instead of hating yourself for all the wrong ones.
Love J & L

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The Veronicas have posted a status update (see picture below) just to tease us about the exciting new things that are going to be happening very soon! It’s so exciting to think that concepts for the new music video are starting to be discussed – which can only mean that a new single is only a few moons away.
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For those of you that haven’t noticed yet, Jess now has gorgeous long red hair!


Lisa & Jess posted new video blog for Halloween on their Official Facebook page today! The girls gave us a quick update – the album is almost finished, and will be released early next year. They’re off to New York for a couple of days before flying home to Australia – Yay!!
LTV would also like to congratulate The Veronicas on reaching 1.5 Million ‘likes’ on their Official Facebook page! You can check out the halloween video here.


A few weeks ago Lisa created a Facebook Fanpage and now Jessica has created one too! It looks like Jess has had to make her own page as a measure to try and stop fake sites saying things that are not true. I am aware that there is a lot of fake sites that exist on Facebook (and other social media sites) that deceive people into thinking that they are the real Lisa & Jessica Veronica. If you do come across one of these sites please report them to Facebook and have them removed :)
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Lisa has just uploaded another song to her Official Facebook fan page! The song is called ‘Blame it on me’ and it was written by Lisa & Tyler Bryant and produced by Seth Jones. I love the song – it is really beautiful! I think it would be perfect for a really cool chick-flick movie trailer! Check out the song here, and let Lisa know what you think! :)


Lisa & Jess have now taken over The Veronicas Official Twitter account! In the past the account has just been updated by automatic tweets, so it looks like from now on we’re going to get the Official word from Lisa & Jess themselves!
So guys, if you don’t follow The Veronicas on Twitter – follow them! @TheVeronicas

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