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Light it Up Blue and Autism Awareness Month.

Autism is the most common developmental disorder in Australia, effecting 1 in 160 children. However there is very little support and understanding for people with autism and their families. Autism has had a huge effect on me and my family, especially over the past 2 years with my nephew. We have experienced the difficulties in not only getting a diagnostic, but accessing support and therapy to assist my nephew, we have seen doctors at hospital treat him like an animal because they think he doesn’t understand because at his age he is non verbal, and teacher aides be so insensitive to his needs that it was detrimental to his progress.

Tomorrow sees the start of Autism Awareness Month, and Light it up Blue, which will see buildings all over the world light up blue to raise awareness for Autism. Buildings like the Sydney Oprah House and the Empire State Building will be participating.

We here at LTV are very passionate about this cause, and hope that you show your support. Show your support by wearing blue tomorrow (April 1st), adding blue lights to your outside fixtures and of course by spreading the word online.

Light It Up Blue
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Autism Awareness


As you’ll remember, a while back Jess and Lisa did a photoshoot for PETA. Check out this video of the girls talking about the fur-trade and boycotting fashion designers who still use fur. Jess and Lisa will also be making an appearance today at 1pm in Sydney to launch PETA’s new anti-fur campaign. You can find them outside the QVB.


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Michael Paynter Thanks The Veronicas For Lifting His Profile

Michael Paynter credits The Veronicas for putting him in front of millions of their fans.

“I think I can probably put it down to a lot of the exposure it has opened me up to,” he tells Andrew Tijs at Undercover. “Millions of people probably wouldn’t have heard the song if it wasn’t for them.”

The Veronicas recorded ‘Love The Fall’ with Michael. “One person’s success can help another person,” he says.

The collaboration happened despite Michael and The Veroncias being on different labels. He is with Sony, they are with Warner. “The Veronicas are not on my label. Sorry, Sony legal department, I apologise if I am downplaying your role in this,” he jokes. “There is a whole lot of contractual stuff that needs to be worked out when you have too major companies but it was pretty amicable from what I understand. Look, we are here now. I am very, very grateful to their record company and to them for lending me their talent”.



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Billy Corgan tweets ‘love’ for Jess Origliasso

Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan has confirmed his relationship with Veronicas singer Jessica Origliasso via Twitter.

Corgan, 43, sent the 25-year-old Australian pop star a series of romantic tweets over the weekend telling the Twittersphere how eager he was to see her after a tour.

“Looking forward to seeing @jessicaveronica tomorrow and all the wonderful presents she got for me in Sweden and Atlantic City!!! Can’t wait!,” Corgan tweeted.

“Love is: getting presents from someone who loves you!!

“If the only the world knew how giving @jessicaveronica really is. Full of surprises.”

Origliasso retweeted one of the postings and told Corgan she would make him cry “when I get my hands on you tomorrow”.

In April the two were spotted at the Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross.



The Veronicas are featured in the movie soundtrack for the movie Hanni and Nanni, a German film about 2 twins attending a boarding school, which is based on the popular books series written by Enid Blyton.
The Veronicas have recorded 2 new songs for the movie, “Us Against the World” and “The Wild Side” both which can be previewed on Itunes here. Unfortunately the songs are not available for individual download, so in order to listen to the full versions, you must purchase the full soundtrack.
Snippets of the songs are also featured in the Movies Trailer


Courtney loves mentions Jessica in a recent interview that was posted on Courtney sees a lot of potential in Jess, and her love for music.

She conspicuously avoids mentioning Billy Corgan though, who Twitter-philes will know has recently been embroiled in a ‘Twitter fight’ with Love over, well, God knows what really. But she does seem to have admiration for his rumoured new lover Jessica Origliasso.

“Oh and I’d like Linda to work with Jessica from The Veronicas as well, ‘cause I feel like she is really striving to make music that she feels more akin to rather than just crap pop and so I sent her. Oh and I’m not saying it is crap pop. I’m just saying she is really striving to make good rock music and I have been sending playlists and stuff to her.”

to read the full interview go here