Hey guys, welcome to LTV’s new page where you can find out a bit more about us. The reason we are puting this page up is because we often get asked questions from other Veronicas fans, and they are usually fairly similar questions – so we just thought it would be easier for everyone if we added this FAQ page.
So these are some of the FAQ’s we get.

How did you become a Veronicas fan?
I’m not really sure of the exact moment I became a Veronicas fan. But I know I loved 4Ever as soon as it came out, and I remember thinking how cool The Veronicas were. Then I got tickets to go along to their Revolution Tour back in 2006 (I was a fair way back on the floor) – I think thats when I first started to really fall in love with Lisa & Jess. They were so lovely to their fans, and it just really made a strong impression on me.

Why did you start LTV?
Because I love The Veronicas and I have a real interest in web design.

How many times have you met Lisa & Jess?
I’ve met Lisa 10 times, and I’ve met Jess 9 times (I don’t have a photo with the girls from when I met them after their Sydney show on the 17th February 2009).

There are a couple of videos of when I’ve met Lisa & Jess on LTV’s youtube.

(I’ll ask Hayley to type some stuff up soon!)

If you’d like to ask Hayley or myself a question, just comment this page, tweet @LoveTheVs, or you can email us admin@lovetheveronicas.com

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  1. Lyn Goh

    Hey, I’m Lyn from Singapore and I’m a big fan of The Veronicas from Australia, Brisbane, I travelled 2 Australia with my parents when I was 15 years old, 12 years ago, but I didn’t hear about these fantastic and talented girls who r real life sisters until a few years ago.. :) I love everything about Australia, Australian food, music and so on, would love 2 know whether it’s possible 4 The Veronicas 2 play at a concert in Singapore.. Hope 2 hear more fromĀ 1 of u soon..