First I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview! :D Following you both on Twitter it’s obvious that you are having a great time writing this album.

Thank You for your incredible patience while we’ve been growing and transforming ;)
I should warn you, We are doing this interview in our pajamas……… at 5:12 PM in the afternoon……….

Q. Who is the coolest person you have had a chance to hang out with while writing the album? Feel free to name drop ;)

We have been rather experimentative from the beginning of this record, in forming creative relationships with different people. Some people we’ve worked with before, such as Toby Gad (who we wrote untouched with), to collaborating with new producers such as Fernando Garibay (New Lady Gaga), and one of our Favourite songwriter/producers Gary Clarke (Natalie Imbruglia, Liz Phair). Upon meeting Gary, we instantly formed a musical kinship that has lead to the three of us writing a majority of songs for this record together.
We have worked with Artist friends of ours for sonic perspectives, and inspiration as well, such as Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Butch Vig, Tyler Bryant, Illsey Juber & Alison Porter (The Canyons). Just getting in a room, and jamming ideas has been a beautifully inspiring, and important process to this creating of this record.

In the POP world, music style/sonic’s have become so over saturated with ever changing/borrowing/stealing/whoring of the same sounds..we as the listener become confused and desensitized to who is who, and what is coming from the Artist, and what is coming from the guidelines of the industry.
We wanted to make sure what we were creating felt grounded in our identity as The Veronicas, even while working with some producers that seem to have a hand in everyone’s pie right now. We have been focusing on pushing them out of that box, while appreciating their POP sensibility and success, which in turn has help to push us to places we’ve never been.

Q. Will the album be released at the same time on iTunes & hard copy all around the world?
As much as we would like to have control over decisions such as that, most of it falls under what we call ‘music politics’. But in Veronicas dreamland, we would hope so ;)

We have changed management since the last record, & the all the people we’ve worked with at our Label Warner Brothers have completely changed as well. It has been the main contributor as to why this record is taking 4 times as long to come out as the last one. We are working closely now with all new people, and we are feeling good about this release being simultaneous all around the world.

Q. Have you chosen the first single off the new record yet? And if you have, can you give us any hints or clues about it?

There is a lot of talk about which song should be a first single. We don’t have a definitive decision on that just yet.
All we can tell you is that the Sonic and Lyrical direction of this record is a Dramatisation of our emotions/ Visual Art/ Musical influence/ reflections on society, and the world around us. The conceptual message, looking at the body of work thus far, seems to scream Mirror. A mirror of us, our experiences, our lovers, our enemies, our idols, our gods. Finding ourselves in the strangest of places, some we would never expect, or even want.

I think we’ve really found ourselves in the process of this record. I know for sure that we aren’t the same woman who made the last record. We have fallen into ourselves, Fallen in love, out of love, fallen, and got back up.. we are ready to claim our creations with a new energy & a new light.

Q. Do you girls ever disagree on who will sing certain parts of a song? and if you do disagree… how do you resolve the problem?

Haha, YES! .. by now we know eachothers voices well enough to know who should sing what.. But we still experiment. It also depends on the song. Some feel more Personal to one of us. We don’t feel it has to be ‘even’ all the time.
Sometimes we just yell and scream until one of us gets our way ;)

Q. How many songs do you expect to have on the album?

We are thinking about 10 songs for the New Record.

We are also working on a new side project together, which we can’t say too much about just yet.. but its going to be a departure from what we do in The Veronicas.

Q. Are you more excited to release this album than previous ones?

We feel a different kind of ownership, and attachment to this record definitely.
We are incredibly proud of the way the last two records have ‘grown us up’ in a strange sense. The process, and touring, the chance to express ourselves through our innocence and learning. But this record is our coming into what we really dreamed for The Veronicas. We know what we’re doing now.. We enjoyed the ride from the past records, but this time we’re taking the drivers seat.

Here’s a coupe that aren’t about the new record :)

Q. What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe at the moment?

Jessica: To be honest i’ve been on an Anti Fashion movement for the past few weeks. I refuse to wear anything other than my pajamas…. that I stole from Lisa. Also a top hat i’ve adopted, also stolen from Miss Lisa Marie.

Lisa: I’ve fallen in love with the late 60’s and 70’s rock era of fashion lately, and adopted a black felt 1960’s vintage hat of Jessicas (Which I’ve conveniently ‘forgetton’ to give back) ;) and beaded multi-colored gypsy earrings.

Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the past month?

Jessica: Billy.

Lisa: Being invited to go to Fashion week in New York City was definitely a high light this month for me.

Again, thank you so much for agreeing to do this!

Ebony, thank you, and all the lovers, for your on going support, and patience. We can promise it will be well worth it. Every part of this new record is coming from us, including the art work, to the Video concepts, films, videos etc. Its you guys that inspire us to do our best.


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    Jessica: Billy.

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