On the 25th of October 2010, The Veronicas launched their Anti-Fur ‘Here’s the rest of your Fur Coat’ campaign in Sydney (Australia) for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Their envolvement with PETA started with a chance meeting in the Subway in New York City where a PETA representative noticed Jess wearing her faux fur ‘Fck Fur’ jacket (as pictured below). From there, PETA contacted the girls and arranged to do a campaign photoshoot in late 2009.

Jess in particular is well known for her passionate stance for animal rights, and this is the perfect opportunity for Lisa & Jess to voice their opinion and help raise awareness of the unbelievable cruelty in the Fur industry.

Compassion & understanding is all that’s needed, as first step to support Animal Rights..The actions made towards your commitment is an individual choice, And will vary from person to person. Remember- help educate and support.” – Jessica Veronica

If you’d like to help raise awareness and support the campaign, here are some things you can do:
– Visit FurIsDead.com (warning: some images on the site may be upsetting).
– Sign a pledge to be Fur-Free here.
– Visit The Veronicas page on PETA.
– Purchase the ‘Mean People Wear Fur’ t-shirt that Lisa & Jess wore to the launch of their campaign (pictured below) here.
– Posting The Veronicas ‘Here’s the rest of your Fur Coat’ campaign ad on your social network pages.

Showing your support can simply mean that you never wear Fur products. Spread the word – Mean People Wear Fur!